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Spotlight on a Tamar Valley Tourism Member : Siobhan Lavelle at Cornelle Communications

Siobhan Lavelle lives and works in the Tamar Valley, providing public relations advice to clients across the country, while also supporting local companies based in the Tamar Valley and the South West.


Regardless of size or sector, businesses face the same challenges:  finding and connecting with people that want to buy their products or use their services.  That’s where Siobhan comes in, working with companies to help them reach potential customers and grow their business.  

Siobhan ensures businesses communicate with the right people at the right time, keeping loyal customers and attracting new ones.  From providing media and social media support to writing websites, publications and blogs, running campaigns and community initiatives, Siobhan helps businesses boost their reputation and reach the people that matter.

Siobhan also trains businesses who want to develop their own PR skills, getting them up and running with a programme of targeted activities, supporting them as they put new skills into action and find their PR wings.

With locations for meetings, team building activities and surrounded by stunning views and natural beauty, the Tamar Valley is always a popular destination for client meetings and events.

To find out more, please email [email protected], call 07941 980561 or visit