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Green Bank Apples


All our apple juice is made from apples grown in The Tamar Valley and are actually crushed, pressed, pasteurised and bottled at Green Bank, Halton Quay, St. Dominick by the banks of the River Tamar. The majority of our juice is a blend of different varieties of apples but we do offer single variety juices when we can. We do not add water, sugar or sweeteners or colouring. The only additive is Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) as an anti-oxidant and to replace any loss in pasteurising.

We also offer a service to apple tree owners, large and small to crush and press their apples, so please ask for terms.
Other products such as Elderflower Cordial are made but may only be available seasonally.

Tamar Valley Apple Juice is available direct from us or you can find the juice available at the Callington Wednesday market in the Scout Hut by the Co-Op; in the Callington Town Hall on 2nd & 4th Fridays ; in the Tamar View Fruiterers and Callington Spar Fruiterers or at TAVATA member Sleepy Hollow Farm Shop and Restaurant.

Telephone number: 
01579 350594
Green Bank
Halton Quay
St Dominick
PL12 6SL