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Coads Green Community Local Produce Market


4th Saturday of the month in the Village Hall, Coads Green from 9.30am to 12.30pm

A great variety of local produce is available at the market including:

  1. Meat, pasties, cheese, butter,
  2. Vegetables, fruit, salad
  3. Milk, cream, eggs, quiches, gluten free bakery
  4. Apple Juice
  5. Honey
  6. Cakes, biscuits, bread
  7. Jam, marmalade, chutney
  8. Upcycled products
  9. Greetings cards
  10. Jewellery and gifts
  11. Hardy geraniums and bulbs
  12. Perennial and herbaceous plants
  13. Bedding plants
  14. Herbs and vegetable plants
  15. Wooden Planters and other wooden items
  16. Hand decorated glassware
  17. Bags and cushions
  18. Aloe products
  19. Hand-painted silk scarves
  20. Seasonal goods

There are seasonal variations in availability.  Stall holders sell their own produce and are delighted to discuss any aspect of the production of their wares.

Prices are very competitive. All the products are good quality and usually cheaper than equivalent in supermarkets.

Refreshments. Every month a local group provide breakfasts and beverages to raise funds for their particular concern.  Organisations doing this include the hockey team,  Brownies, North Hill playgroup, Coads Green preschool, pantomime group, village hall etc.

The breakfasts usually include baccon, eggs and sausages and bread rolls with tea, coffee and squash.

Most of the stall holders live within 10 miles of Coads Green. This means that the produce has not travelled great distances. Nothing is mass produced. Fruit and vegetables are local when available but may have come from further away to be able to meet the requirements of the customers.

At Coads Green Market and many of the other small village markets the produce is basic at basic prices, unlike the larger Food Festival and Fairs where there is a focus on luxury and more unusual fare at inflated prices. Unfortunately many people have the opinion that local markets all have high prices. It is a common comment when people come to our market for the first time that they thought these sort of markets were for yuppies/posh people/ tree huggers/wealthy etc,etc and are pleasantly surprised to find a warm welcome and very reasonable prices.

Telephone number: 
01566 86649
Village Hall
Coads Green
PL15 7LY